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Welcome to Mutual Reinsurance Bureau (MRB)


Mission Statement

MRB will profitably grow by providing superior service to our clients in the broker market. We will continue to be an innovator of products, helping our business partners achieve mutual profitability and stability.

We are proud of:

1) Our distinct heritage
The founders of MRB had a vision that has proven to be as valid today as it was in 1921 when we started business. That vision was that just as farmers, homeowners, and business owners could come together to form mutual insurance companies to serve their insurance needs, so could those insurance companies band together to meet their reinsurance needs.

2) The prestigious assuming companies we represent
Church Mutual Insurance Company, EMC Insurance Companies, Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Michigan, Kentucky Farm Bureau, and Motorists Insurance Group.

3) The strong business ties, partnerships and friendships formed with clients
…all of which have been a cornerstone of MRB's success.

MRB and its assuming companies offer compelling evidence that bigger is not necessarily better and that there will always be a place for financially sound, forward looking, service oriented organizations. MRB's unique structure (joint liability among unquestionably strong regional assuming companies) permits us to offer our clients the totally unleveraged financial benefits
of a very large reinsurer which enables them, in turn, to offer unquestioned security to their clients.


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