MutualRe will profitably grow by providing superior security and service to our clients in the broker market. We will continue to be an innovator of products, helping our business partners achieve mutual profitability and stability.


Just as farmers, homeowners, and business owners have come together to form mutual insurance companies to meet their own insurance needs, insurance companies have banded together to meet their own reinsurance needs and to support the insurance industry with its reinsurance needs. Mutual Re is comprised of member insurance companies that have banded together to write reinsurance agreements with other insurance companies. Our member companies each have an A.M. Best rating of A- or better and combine for over $6 billion of policyholders’ surplus.

Organizational Structure

Mutual Re is organized as a joint reinsurance association. This unique organizational structure with joint liability provides the strongest security in the industry. There is no severability among our member companies. This means that if one of our member companies were to become insolvent, the remaining members would assume the insolvent member’s obligations to Mutual Re’s clients. As a result, all of our members would need to become insolvent simultaneously for our clients to find themselves without a reinsurer. This tremendous security allows Mutual Re to stand ready to honor its obligations for another century and beyond.


Mutual Re’s unique organizational structure also allows our clients the financial benefits of diversifying their reinsurance among our five insurance company members while offering the administrative benefits of having only one reinsurer.

Five companies…One solution.